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dc.contributor.authorNOIRET, Serge
dc.identifier.citationArchivi & Computer. Automazione e Beni Culturali, 2009, 19, 2-3, 5-41en
dc.description.abstractEHPS, [], is a portal serving a community of Ph.D. researchers, postdoctoral fellows and professors (at the Department of History and Civilisation of the European University Institute, Florence, Italy), its users, with an easily searchable index of multi-lingual collections of scholarly websites that offer online access to digitised primary sources, invented archives and born digital sources relating to the history of Europe, either as a whole or for individual countries. EHPS offers web 2.0. features to remain connected to the portal and be informed about new entries. EHPS is referencing only freely accessible primary sources in a digital world always more the “property” of private and commercial actors.en
dc.titleThe Digital Historian's Craft and the Role of the European History Primary Sources (EHPS) Portalen

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