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dc.contributor.authorDAVITER, Falk
dc.identifier.citationWest European Politics, 2009, 32, 6, 1118-1139en
dc.identifier.issn1743-9655 (electronic)
dc.identifier.issn0140-2382 (paper)
dc.description.abstractThis article asks why the European Commission lost control over the policy process in one of the most contested areas of policy-making in the European Union in recent years. The article finds that after years of vigorous political controversy over the framing of the issues at stake, the EU finally shifted into a Schattschneiderian mode of politics. The policy conflict expanded dramatically and a previously unrelated set of actors and interests united along new lines of policy debate. The analysis underscores how the political mode of EU decision-making can shift during the process of policy-making. In particular, it stresses how policy conflicts affect the mobilisation and demobilisation of political contestants and the realignment of political actors in the European Union.en
dc.titleSchattschneider in Brussels: How Policy Conflict Reshaped the Biotechnology Agenda in the European Unionen

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