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dc.contributor.authorBEKIROS, Stelios D.
dc.identifier.citationEuropean Journal of Operational Research, 2010, 202, 1, 285-293en
dc.description.abstractThe development of new models that would enhance predictability for time series with dynamic time-varying, nonlinear features is a major challenge for speculators. Boundedly rational investors called “chartists” use advanced heuristics and rules-of-thumb to make profit by trading, or even hedge against potential market risks. This paper introduces a hybrid neurofuzzy system for decision-making and trading under uncertainty. The efficiency of a technical trading strategy based on the neurofuzzy model is investigated, in order to predict the direction of the market for 10 of the most prominent stock indices of U.S.A, Europe and Southeast Asia. It is demonstrated via an extensive empirical analysis that the neurofuzzy model allows technical analysts to earn significantly higher returns by providing valid information for a potential turning point on the next trading day. The total profit of the proposed neurofuzzy model, including transaction costs, is consistently superior to a recurrent neural network and a Buy & Hold strategy for all indices, particularly for the highly speculative, emerging Southeast Asian markets. Optimal prediction is based on the dynamic update and adaptive calibration of the heuristic fuzzy learning rules, which reflect the psychological and behavioral patterns of the traders.en
dc.titleFuzzy Adaptive Decision-making for Boundedly Rational Traders in Speculative Stock Marketsen
dc.neeo.contributorBEKIROS|Stelios D.|aut|

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