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dc.contributor.authorBLONDEL, Jean
dc.contributor.authorVENNESSON, Pascal
dc.identifier.citationEuropean Political Science, 2010, Vol. 9, Supplement 1s, pp. 22-29en
dc.descriptionPart of: Special issue : "Forty years of European Political Science"
dc.description.abstractPolitical science has developed rapidly in the last half-century, but this has posed at least three serious problems. First, almost no attention has been given to political activity in private bodies: the scope of political analysis is narrowed as a result. Second, the connection between political science and ‘policy analysis’ is wholly unclear, which raises the danger that political science may want to cover too much or too little! Third, political science has always been concerned with norms, yet aims to be a science: this is no easy relationship.
dc.titleThe future of Political Scienceen

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