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dc.contributor.authorO'MALLEY, Aidan
dc.identifier.citationEnterText, 2003, 2, 2, 68-83en
dc.description.abstractThis paper reads Friel's 1982 play 'The Communication Cord' as a re-translation of the translation strategies that were performed in his earlier play 'Translations'. In taking these out of the colonial context of 'Translations' and re-performing them in the post-colonial setting of 'The Communication Cord', Friel points to the fact that a similar form of linguistic hegemony operates in post-colonial Ireland and that this creates a quandary that must be recognised and negotiated by the post-colonial.
dc.titleRe-Translations, or, Can the Postcolonial Construct a Home? A Reading of Brian Friel’s The Communication Corden

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