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dc.contributor.authorSMITH, Clara
dc.contributor.authorROTOLO, Antonino
dc.contributor.authorSARTOR, Giovanni
dc.identifier.citationKevin D. ASHLEY (ed.), Proceedings of JURIX 2013 : the twenty-sixth annual conference on legal knowledge and information systems, Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2013, Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications, Vol. 259, pp. 135-144en
dc.description.abstractThere are occasions in which an agent lengthens its own action through the implementation of a foreign activity for its own interests. We focus on the occasional dependence relation between a principal agent and a helper agent. In particular, we are interested in the helper's harmful performance that has its origin in extra contractual situations e.g. factual and/or occasional situations based on trust or courtesy which may lead to the emergence of an obligation to compensate third parties.en
dc.titleReflex responsibility of agentsen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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