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dc.contributor.editorBELLAMY, Richard (Richard Paul)
dc.contributor.editorLACEY, Joseph
dc.contributor.editorNICOLAÏDIS, Kalypso
dc.identifier.citationSpecial Issue of Journal of European integration, 2017, Vol. 39, No. 5en
dc.description.abstractEuropean Union boundaries have always been unusual. In no other political community is both the prospect of enlargement and the ever-present possibility of withdrawal part of the constitutional framework. We find few other instances where some territories in a political community adopt a common currency while others do not. Examples of thick association agreements, such as we find between the EU and third countries like Switzerland and Norway, are uncommon. Over the last number of years, EU boundaries have been challenged like never before. Brexit poses a fundamental threat to the EU’s territorial integrity and the rights of EU citizens to cross what have been regarded as open borders; the refugee crisis and the increase of terrorism both call into question the EU’s ability to justly and effectively manage its external borders; the rise of populism is a direct challenge to internal free movement as the demand to reassert national borders becomes formidable; while the aftermath of the euro-crisis continues to put Monetary Union in doubt. By distinguishing between three categories of boundary change – boundary-making, boundary-crossing and boundary-unbundling – the authors in this volume attempt to shed light on the sustainability and legitimacy of Europe’s boundaries in question.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. European boundaries in question?, Richard Bellamy, Joseph Lacey and Kalypso Nicolaïdis Boundary Making 2. The legitimacy of exits from the European Union, Christopher Lord 3. Changing EU internal borders through democratic means, Carlos Closa 4. Enlargement, association, accession – a normative account of membership in a union of states, Joseph Lacey and Rainer Bauböck 5. Homeland security: territorial myths and ontological security in the European Union, Vincent Della Sala Boundary-crossing 6. The quintessentially democratic act? Democracy, political community and citizenship in and after the UK’s EU referendum of June 2016, Jo Shaw 7. Boundaries of political community in Europe, the US, and Canada, Willem Maas 8. Just boundaries for demoicrats, Kalypso Nicolaïdis and Juri Viehoff 9. Counter-terrorism in the EU’s external relations, Mai’a K. Davis Cross Boundary-unbundling 10. A demoicratic justification of differentiated integration in a heterogeneous EU, Richard Bellamy and Sandra Kröger 11. The remaking of the EU’s borders and the images of European architecture, Jan Zielonka
dc.titleEuropean boundaries in question?en

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