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dc.contributor.authorYPI, Lea Leman
dc.identifier.citationEast European Politics and Societies, 2007, 21, 4, 661-680en
dc.description.abstractThe conceptual genealogy of the Albanian so-called Renaissance is often linked to the influence of Western Romantic ideas on the nationalist movements of the Balkans. This paper analyzes the specificities of the Albanian cultural and political context and suggests, by contrast, that Enlightenment categories provide a better means of comprehension of this stage in Albanian intellectual history. It focuses on the ideological function played by the critique of religion as well as by a cultural project addressed to political struggle and emphasizes its roots in the Enlightenment tradition. It finally argues that Enlightenment concepts such as self-criticism and rational teleology might help to grasp some unique features of the Renaissance movement and to construct a more sophisticated account of the emergence of the Albanian modern stateen
dc.titleThe Albanian renaissance in political thought: between the Enlightenment and Romanticismen

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