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dc.contributor.authorRIELLO, Giorgio
dc.identifier.citationMaterialized Histories : Materielle Kultur und digitale Forschung (Hypotheses), 2021, OnlineOnlyen
dc.description.abstractRecent scholarship has alerted us to the importance of gifts in diplomacy. Most commonly such gifts would have been precious artefacts, remarkable in their make and materials. This short contribution considers instead the gifting of living animal, a giraffe, that was given to Lorenzo de Medici in 1487. The giraffe was received in Florence with much fanfare but died only a few months after its arrival. The animal’s legacy was to be seen in paintings thus providing good example of the complex relationship between (an animate) object, its representation and memory over time.en
dc.publisherHypotheses Openeditionen
dc.relation.ispartofMaterialized Histories : Materielle Kultur und digitale Forschung (Hypotheses)en
dc.titleSpot the giraffe : the material culture of animals found, lost and painteden

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