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dc.contributor.authorOFFIONG, Etim Okon
dc.description.abstractThe 35th African Union (AU) Summit is scheduled for 5-6 February 2022. During the Summit, African Heads of States and Governments will deliberate and decide on several policies and programmes of the AU. As with past Summits, it is expected that the Assembly discuss the flagship programmes of the AU, including the African Outer Space Programme. This policy brief discusses five areas that need the attention of the Assembly namely, the African Space Policy and Strategy; African Space Agency (AfSA); Pan-African University Institute for Space Science (PAUSS); Space application programmes; and Space governance in the African Union Commission (AUC). It also discusses specific actions needed to move forward in each of these areas. These actions include the development of a framework for monitoring, measuring and reporting the extent to which all AU space activities, including programmes funded by partners, align with the African Space Policy and Strategy; review of the governance structure of the AfSA and verification of preparation for operation of AfSA; selection of a new host country for PAUSS; expansion of areas of cooperation between the European Union (EU) and AU; and a clear mandate for the new division for space in the AUC and the Commissioner responsible for it. These recommendations, if adopted and implemented, will accelerate space development in the continent and position Africa to benefit from the global space enterprise.en
dc.publisherEuropean University Instituteen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSTG Policy Briefsen
dc.titleThe African Outer Space programme : five agenda items for the 35th African Union (AU) Summiten
dc.rights.licenseAttribution 4.0 International

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