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dc.contributor.editorSPENCER, Sarah
dc.contributor.editorTRIANDAFYLLIDOU, Anna
dc.identifier.citationCham : Springer International Publishing, 2020en
dc.description.abstractThis open access book explores the conceptual challenges posed by the presence of migrants with irregular immigration status in Europe and the evolving policy responses at European, national and municipal level. It addresses the conceptual and policy issues raised, post-entry, by this particular section of the migrant population. Drawing on evidence from different parts of Europe, the book takes the reader through philosophical and ethical dilemmas, legal and sociological analysis to questions of public policy and governance before addressing the concrete ways in which those questions are posed in current policy agendas from the international to the local level. As such this book is a valuable read to researchers, practitioners and policy makers as well as to students working on irregular migration in Europe in a comparative and/or country based perspective.en
dc.description.tableofcontents-- Prelims -- Chapter 1: Introduction: Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe: A Multi-faceted and Dynamic Reality: Anna Triandafyllidou and Sarah Spencer -- Chapter 2: Understanding Irregularity: Anna Triandafyllidou and Laura Bartolini -- Chapter 3: Contradictions in the Moral Economy of Migrant Irregularity: Sébastien Chauvin and Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas -- Chapter 4: The Human Rights of Migrants with Irregular Status: Giving Substance to Aspirations of Universalism: Colm O’Cinneide -- Chapter 5: European Union and National Responses to Migrants with Irregular Status: Is the Fortress Slowly Crumbling?: Nicola Delvino -- Chapter 6: The Transnational Mobilization of ‘Irregular Migrants’: Milena Chimienti and John Solomos -- Chapter 7: Crackdown or Symbolism? An Analysis of Post-2015 Policy Responses Towards Rejected Asylum Seekers in Austria: Ilker Ataç and Theresa Schütze -- Chapter 8: Irregular Migration and Irregular Work: A Chicken and Egg Dilemma : Anna Triandafyllidou and Laura Bartolini -- Chapter 9: The Economy of Reception: A View from Southern Europe: Laura Bartolini, Regina Mantanika, and Anna Triandafyllidou -- Chapter 10: Cities Breaking the Mould? Municipal Inclusion of Irregular Migrants in Europe: Sarah Spencer -- Chapter 11: Evolving Conceptual and Policy Challenges Sarah Spencer and Anna Triandafyllidouen
dc.subjectOpen accessen
dc.subjectIrregular migration in Europeen
dc.subjectMigration and integrationen
dc.subjectSocial equalityen
dc.titleMigrants with irregular status in Europe : evolving conceptual and policy challengesen
dc.rights.licenseAttribution 4.0 International*

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