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dc.contributor.editorPETERSMANN, Ernst-Ulrich
dc.contributor.editorSTEINBACH, Armin
dc.identifier.citationLeiden : Brill, 2024, World trade institute advanced studies ; 16en
dc.descriptionPublished online: 11 March 2024en
dc.description.abstractThis book explores strategies for limiting transnational market failures, governance failures and constitutional failures impeding protection of the universally agreed sustainable development goals like climate change mitigation and access to justice and transnational rule-of-law. Can multilevel democratic and judicial protection of fundamental rights and public goods across frontiers be extended through plurilateral agreements? Can transnational economic and environmental constitutionalism be reconciled with ‘constitutional pluralism’ and with democratic constitutionalism depending on individual and democratic consent of free and equal citizens? Will judicial challenges (e.g. of EU carbon border adjustment measures) and countermeasures lead to further disruption of UN and WTO law?en
dc.description.tableofcontents-- 1 Introduction and conclusions -- 2 Constitutional pluralism, regulatory competition and transnational governance failures -- 3 Constitutional economics and transnational governance failures -- 4 Constitutionalising climate mitigation norms in Europe -- 5 The EU carbon border adjustment mechanism : a transnational governance instrument whose time has come -- 6 Common but differentiated constitutionalisms -- 7 Constitutional, governance or market failures : China, climate change and energy transition -- 8 Reforming international governance : multilateralism or polylateralism? -- 9 Transnational governance failures : a business perspective and roadmap for future action -- 10 U.S. trade and multilateralism -- 11 Democratic leadership through transatlantic cooperation for trade and technology reforms through the ttc model? -- 12 Can the wto dispute settlement system be revived? options for addressing a major governance failure of the World Trade Organization -- 13 EU and UN proposals for reforming investor-state arbitration -- 14 Systematic rivalries and multilevel governance in Asia : a constitutional perspectiveen
dc.titleConstitutionalism and transnational governance failuresen
dc.rights.licenseAttribution 4.0 International*

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Attribution 4.0 International
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