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dc.contributor.authorMAHIEU, Stephanie
dc.identifier.citationSocial Compass, 2006, 53, 4, 515-534en
dc.description.abstractThe author analyses the individual and collective motives which have pushed some of the Greek-Catholics to Join their former Church since 1989. The Romanian Greek-Catholic Church, founded in 1687, was outlawed by the communist party between 1948 and 1989. After it became legal again, the Church tried to reorganize itself. The author analyses such a return, in the light of the notions of conversion, membership and of religious transmission, and proposes to take the factor of the uniqueness of God into account, as it allows to complement the analyses in terms of religious identity and of religious market-place''.en
dc.title(Non-)retours à l’Église gréco-catholique roumaine, entre adhésion et transmission religieuseen
dc.title.alternative(No) Return to the Roman Greek-Catholic Church, between Adhesion and Religious Transmissionen

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