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dc.contributor.authorRAVN, Morten O.
dc.contributor.authorSIMONELLI, Saverio
dc.identifier.citationScandinavian Journal of Economics, 2007, 109, 4, 743-777en
dc.description.abstractWe use a 12-dimensional VAR to examine the aggregate effects of two structural technology shocks and two policy shocks. For each shock, we examine the dynamic effects on the labor market, the importance of the shock for labor market volatility, and the comovement between labor market variables and other key aggregate variables in response to the shock. We document that labor market indicators display "hump-shaped" responses to the identified shocks. Technology shocks and monetary policy shocks are important for labor market volatility but the ranking of their importance is sensitive to the VAR specification. The conditional correlations at business cycle frequencies are similar in response to the four shocks, apart from the correlations between hours worked, labor productivity and real wages. To account for the unconditional correlations between these variables, a mixture of shocks is requireden
dc.relation.ispartofScandinavian Journal of Economics
dc.titleLabor Market Dynamics and the Business Cycle: Structural Evidence for the United Statesen
dc.neeo.contributorRAVN|Morten O.|aut|

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