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dc.contributor.authorDE WITTE, Bruno
dc.identifier.citationMalcolm EVANS and Panos KOUTRAKOS (eds), Beyond the Established Legal Orders. Policy Interconnections between the EU and the Rest of the World, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2011, 127-147en
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. Introduction II. Judicial Interconnections: The European Court of Justice as a Human Rights Actor A. Judicial reference to the European Convention on Human Rights B. Judicial reference to other international instruments III. Non-Judicial Interconnections: The Role of International Human Rights in the External and Internal Policies of the EU Institutions A. The European Union as a party to international human rights treaties B. Human rights policy in the pre-accession context C. External human rights policy more generally D. The EU Charter as a barrier to the domestic impact of international human rights instruments? IV. Conclusionen
dc.titleThe EU and the International Legal Order: The Case of Human Rightsen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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