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dc.contributor.authorBECK, Thorsten Harald Leopold
dc.contributor.authorLLOYD, Simon
dc.contributor.authorREINHARDT, Dennis
dc.contributor.authorSOWERBUTTS, Rhiannon
dc.identifier.citationClaudio BORIO, Edward S ROBINSON and Hyun SONG SHIN (eds), Macro-financial stability policy in a globalised world : lessons from international experience : selected papers from the Asian Monetary Policy Forum 2021 special edition and MAS-BIS, Hackensack : World Scientific, 2023, pp. 184-223en
dc.descriptionPublished online: January 2023en
dc.description.abstractWe describe the macroprudential and monetary policy environment in the UK. We highlight the UK’s position as an international financial centre, and the implications for inward and outward spillover effects of monetary and prudential policy actions. These spillovers pose particular opportunities and challenges for policymakers, and we explain how they have motivated specific developments to the Bank of England’s modelling framework. We also present novel empirical evidence that monetary policy actions in the UK have outward spillover effects through cross-border lending that can, in part, be mitigated by macroprudential actions in receiving countries.en
dc.publisherWorld Scientificen
dc.titleMacro-financial policy in an international financial centre : the UK experience since the global financial crisisen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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